Eighty-two comfortable in our resort hotel, one and a half rooms, with balcony, bathroom, An apartment with a fully equipped kitchen awaits our guests.

We offer apartments in two price categories:

Comfort +
High quality, in line with today’s design and comfort expectations, freshly renovated, apartments with air conditioning.

Carefully maintained, retro atmosphere, depending on capacity, air-conditioned apartments on request.

2017-The design of the Comfort + rooms started with the complete renovation of the apartments, which is the cleansed, reflects lasting quality. The goal in the design of the sophisticatedly designed apartments was functionality and the pursuit of European comfort.. Thanks to the interior and layout of the rooms, you don't have to miss the intimacy of home.

Our one and a half room apartments 5 able to accommodate a person (They are also standard and Comfort + types) between which there is also an opening and a separate opening arrangement.
Our one-room apartments 3 able to accommodate a person (They are also Standard and Comfort + types) some of which have American cuisine, they have a double bed and a closed kitchen.

The transformations have been a great success so they will continue in the coming years.

Our apartments can accommodate extra beds on request, cots and childcare facilities are available.
Each of our apartments has a fully equipped kitchen with kitchenware, fridge, with microwave, with kettle, with electric hob.

Each room has a Full HD TV, in addition to domestic satellite channels, radio broadcasts and foreign TV broadcasts can also be received.

Wi-Fi is free throughout the resort. Our air-conditioned rooms are available on request.

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